Objectives – Doosra Dashak

The overall goal of Doosra Dashak is to provide relevant, holistic education to persons in 11-20 age group, i.e. adolescents, who were deprived of schooling and to make this education a level for socio economic transformation. Withing this goal the specific objectives of the programmers are as follows:

  • To meet the basic learning needs of adolescents and enable them to relate learning to their life, work and environment;
  • To enhance critical awareness about the underlying causes of socio- economic and gender inequality so that they can understand their present situation and take measures to change it through the building of their organizations and positive interventions;
  • To equip them for adolescence and family life through improvement in their understanding of issues in sexual, reproductive and health rights (SRHR), etc.
  • To enhance their vocational and life skills;
  • To harness their energies for nation building through the creation of cadre who would provide educated, informed and responsible leadership;
  • To employ science and technology for improving the lives of the people and development of scientific temper.

Let’s Make a Difference in
the Lives of Others