Vision and Mission – Doosra Dashak


The vision of DD is creation of a new social order through community participation based on the values of equality and justice; providing a second chance at qualitative and holistic education to unschooled adolescents and the preparation of a cadre of committed adolescents and youth equipped with relevant skills and democratic values who can work towards building a society “Where the mind is without fear…and the head is held high.”


Taking measures to enable the community to participate in the processes of education and empowerment of adolescents, and to develop organizations at the village level to facilitate in redefining caste, class and gender relations at the local level;
Providing holistic education, integrated with issues relevant to the lives of adolescents and simultaneously giving them opportunities/ spaces to translate their learning into action through linking with learning with practice;
Empowering adolescents so that they may develop a commitment to democratic values as well as to gender, caste, class and religious equity, strive for human rights and inculcate habits of healthy living.

Let’s Make a Difference in
the Lives of Others