How We Work – Doosra Dashak

Organisation work

DD is decentralised, community-based, process-oriented and participative project. It provides a value based, life skills oriented education to harness the leadership potential of youth and women for social transformation. DD looks at innovative ways to address the ever changing needs of young people, especially women and the underprivileged section in the most remote and backward rural areas of Rajasthan. (Download Doosra Dashak Process Book)

The approach and strategies of DD include:

  • Community mobilization (e.g. social mapping and micro planning)
  • Four months residential camps for holistic education and functional literacy.
  • Continuing Education for lifelong learning (e.g. – Ikhvelo and VLCs)
  • Life skills education
  • Building community organizations for sustainable development (e.g. youth groups and mahila samoohs)
  • Improving service delivery of welfare schemes and development projects.

Thematic Area of Organisation work in :

  • Adolescent Empowerment
  • Women Empowerment
  • Rights-based issues
  • Education and Health 

4 Month Residential Camps

Four Month Residential Camp is an important activity in Doosra Dashak to provide foundational literacy and numeracy....

Continuing Education

A range of continuing education activities has been undertaken to enhance the capacities of adolescents who have completed the four-month residential education programme

Short Duration Training

In addition to four months residential camp, a number of short duration.....

Building Collectives

Perhaps the greatest strength of the DD project is the confidence we have earned of the village community.

Learning Network

Doosra Dashak works closely with the following organization

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