4 Month Residential Camps – Doosra Dashak

Four Month Residential Camp is an important activity in Doosra Dashak to provide foundational literacy and numeracy skills to out of school adolescents. Through these camps a deliberate effort is made to draw learners from different religions and caste backgrounds. These camps help in inculcation of healthy habits amongs the adolescents and seeks to impact the very lives and vision of the participants. Efforts are made to see that participants in the residential camps also question long-held beliefs on caste, social status, and religious division. These camps are important in promonting gender sensitivity, active citizenship and skills for life and work thereby empowering adolescent boys and girls.

The objective of Doosra Dashak camps

  • These camps help adolescents to get over the narrowness of religion, caste and social position.
  • By distancing the learners from their milieu they enable them to learn in an environment of freedom with its own implications for nature and quantum of learning.
  • The emphasis is on linking learning with practice, e.g., knowledge and understanding of health issues is accompanied by regular bathing, cleaning of teeth, cleanliness of camp surroundings, etc.
  • And finally, a much greater interaction among the learners and between learners and teachers become possible which plays an important role in socialization and out of the classroom learning.

Let’s Make a Difference in
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