Scholarship – Doosra Dashak

Shri Anil Bordia Scholarship

The Anil Bordia Scholarship is awarded annually to those Shabhagis of Doosra Dashak (DD) who wish to pursue higher education. Fund for scholarship is available by the interest accrued on corpus fund donated by Sh. Bordia family for the purpose. The selection of adolescents is based on their association with DD for more than four years and financial constraints. This year 15 adolescents (all girls) were awarded this scholarship. 7 adolescents qualified for the first time while the scholarship of 08 girls was renewed. This scholarship was started since academic year 201-2015 and by now 60 scholarships have been distributed @ Rs. 10,000/- per annum per participant.

Shri Vijay Gina Manilal scholarship

Shri Vijay Gina Manilal from USA has recently initiated this scholarships w.e.f. 2020-21 for marginalised adolescents through FED. These scholarships are also to be awarded annually to those adolescents of Doosra Dashak (DD) who wish to continue their higher education but are inhibited by financial constraints. Four girls have been benefitted under the scholarship for last 2 years.

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