Humanitarian Support – Doosra Dashak

During the first wave of COVID-19, DD re-positioned itself and became a key player in helping the community and administration to respond effectively to the pandemic. On the basis of intimate relation of trust with local communities over two decades, DD was able to work in close partnership with local government, public representatives, school authorities, health services, Aanganwadis, and the public distribution system to provide necessary relief and succour to the neediest.  

DD made valuable contributions to humanitarian relief and rehabilitation measures undertaken by the central and state governments. We identified and reached those families, where administrations could not reach. Special package of nutritional items where provided to pregnant and lactating mothers. To support, sensitize and raise awareness in the community, a number of activities were undertaken in all blocks. 

Ration distribution:

Daily distribution of food packets and medical kits were carried out with support of local administration, donors, youth and women group members and community members. List of most vulnerable families and needy families were prepared for provision of ration kits. In many places, cooked food packets provided by local philanthropists were distributed. DD coordinated with local panchayats to provide food, water, electricity and other essentials at local quarantine centres. 

Block teams supported the local administration in identifying and quarantining urban migrants. Girls and women were facing a shortage of sanitary pads due to the lockdown. The issue was immediately taken up with Panchayat members and sanitary pads were distributed through Aanganwadi workers. Masks and sanitizers were distributed as per need with the support of community and local leaders.

A major crowd funding initiative raised INR 16 lakh on MILAAP (a fundraising platform) and Instamojo (an online store) which was utilised for ration distribution to the poor. Six hundred and sixty two ration kits were distributed to needy families in project blocks. Three thousand and ninety nine families benefitted with ration and medical kits received from Crypto Relief India (a new NGO). ITC Ltd. provided food gains, snacks and juice packets for children in Laxmangarh, Bassi, Desuri, Bap, Bali and Abu Road blocks. 

During distribution of the ration, youth groups and women groups actively supported by identifying indigent families in need. They also supported in awareness raising and vaccination. DD provided the disadvantaged with access to government schemes and welfare benefits. 

In the last two years, DD supported 13075 vulnerable families and 86345 people in 9 blocks. Details are mentioned below
S. No.Details of supportNo. of Beneficiaries
1Dry Ration Distribution (13075 families)65,375
2Linked with banking services to avail “Jan-Dhan-Yojana”13,402
3Linked with Public Distribution Services (PDS)4,290
4Linked with MNREGA1,876
5Linked with Palanhar Yojana 107
6Linked with Widow pension 368
7Linked with Aadhar Card 435
8Linked with Old Age pension157
9Linked with Disability pension 37
10Linked with Legal Aid58
11Linked with Janani Suraksha (Nutrition for Mohers)118
12Linked with PM Awas Yojana (Housing) 03
13Other schemes208

Medical Kit distribution:

During the devastating second wave of COVID-19, DD reached out to Crypto Relief India and arranged medical support of Rs. 1,43,000 at 25 PHCs in five blocks namely Abu Road, Pindwara Lakshamangarh, Bassi and Desuri. These were distributed to the underprivileged. 

DD’s proactive lead in providing humanitarian relief to the indigent and poor in its project geographies was much appreciated by the local communities, district administration and our donors. It was an impressive illustration of the inculcation of values of equality, selfless services and sense of social justice in our teams in Jaipur and the field. The ability to raise donations in cash and kind from a wide range of donors, both old and new boosted our confidence and morale. 

Major supporters for Covid relief:

  • Azim PremJi Foundation 
  • ITC
  • Stockman Nexus Technology
  • Nirantar 
  • Crypto Relief India 
  • TM Krishna Sumanasa Foundation
  • ICRW
  • Milaap (Crowd funding by DD)

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