Implementation of RTE Act, 2009 – Doosra Dashak
Implementation of RTE Act, 2009 in Pisangan block of Ajmer district -This was a tripartite project supported by GoR (Edu. Deptt. through SSA), Foundation for Education & Development (FED) and UNICEF to implement RTE Act, 2009 in Pisangan block of Ajmer district in 2012 for four years. Its objectives of Achievement of the goals of universal enrolment, retention, quality improvement addressed the following:
  • To work with teachers to enhance their motivation and professional capability to involve community, particularly the parents to take their help in enrolment, retention and regularity of attendance.
  • To rigorously follow the postulates written in RTE Act for quality improvement. Project was implemented in 35 villages and 60 schools. This resulted in achieving the goals and increased enrolment & retention in covered schools.dfdsfs
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