Organizational Achievements – Doosra Dashak
Doosra Dashak has created a prototype for education and development for the poorest and most vulnerable communities. DD has engaged with around 80,000 adolescents (of which 50% adolescents are girls) and has made significant contributions to making their lives more productive and meaningful. The major achievements of Doosra Dashak are as follow:
  • Providing a second chance education to 8130 adolescents including 4733 girls through camps and re-entry into government schools.
  • Building socially committed & responsible cadres of youth and women in the most backward rural packets.
  • Improved capacity of local leadership for social transformation through democracy, equality and social justice.
  • Galvanising public action for opposition to harmful social practice like child marriage, bonded labour, dowry, mrityu-bhoj, violence against women and alcoholism.
  • Improved access to government services in 9 blocks (school, hospitals, PDS, electricity, water, etc.) 10,906 people were linked with public welfare schemes in collaboration with PRIs and district administration.
  • Collaboration with government education institution for training in life skills and capacity building of SMC and teachers.
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