Laxmangarh, Alwar (2007) – Doosra Dashak

FED started operating it Doosra Dashak project in Laxmangarh in 2007. It has covered 66 villages to benefit 5858 adolescents.

The block is situated in the North Eastern part of Rajasthan. It is a part of Mewat, located in the triangle of Delhi, Agra and Jaipur, which is home to the Meo community.This community comprises over a third of the total population of Mewat and is the largest single ethnic community in the area. Meos are considered to be the most backward social group in the countryThe overall literacy rate of Laxmangarh is 65.86 percent with male literacy rate of 81% and female literacy rate of just 49%. The gender gap in literacy is as high as 32%. The Meo community is generally deprived of education and development opportunities. The status of women is very low because of traditional mind-set and the custom of purdah. Girls are sent to ‘Maqtabs’ (religious schools) for religious instruction. The curriculum (Nisab) of the Maqtabs, which was developed in the 17th century, is still in use.

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