Pisangan, Ajmer (2005) – Doosra Dashak

 FED initiated work in Pisangan in 2005. It has covered 89 villages working with 8127 adolescents in the block.

Pisangan is situated in Ajmer district, with 44 Gram Panchayats and 141 villages. The block has a population of 2,82,539 across 1238 Sq Kms. It has a literacy rate of 52% with a huge gender gap of 27%. The sex ratio is 971. The child sex ratio (0 – 6 years) is 912. The mean age of marriage for girls in the district (rural), is 16 years and about 42% of females are married between the ages of 15-17 years. They start bearing children soon thereafter. Around 32 percent girls aged 15 to 19 years become pregnant. (Census report 2011; Annual Health Survey – 2011- 12 fact Sheet, Rajasthan). Educational facilities are few and at a considerable distance from habitations. Poverty and unemployment are endemic. Status of women is low. Very few go through school. Their life is physically arduous at home and outside. They earn little and their medical and health needs are often neglected. The onset of puberty and early marriage disrupt their schooling and growth. As compared to boys their movements are restricted, life choices are narrow, exposure to digital devices is limited, and they are liable to be victims of domestic violence.

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