Pindwara, Sirohi (2007) – Doosra Dashak

Pindwara block is located in Sirohi district bordering Gujarat. According to the 2011 census of India, Pindwara had a population of 2,37,199. More than 50% of the population belongs to SC/STs. There are 108 villages in the block and 93.54 percent of the population is rural. The literacy rate of Pindwara block is 54% compared to the state literacy of 67%. The male literacy rate of 56.19% and female literacy of 31%. The gender gap of 25% is unacceptably high. The sex ratio is 943 females per 1000 males.

The mineral wealth of this block is being increasingly exploited through mining which is hazardous to health. It has been observed that a large number of workers belonging to SC/ST are suffering from Silicosis which has become a cause of early deaths in the areas.

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